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Hibiscus Coast Dog Training Club

Western Reserve
Area: Hibiscus Coast
Price Range:Community

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The Hibiscus Coast Dog Training Club, established in 1987, offers a variety of training classes to residents of Hibiscus Coast, wider Rodney, and North Shore. Our primary goal is to assist you in training your dog to become a well-behaved and valued member of your family.

Located at the Western Reserve in Orewa, between the Bowling Club and the Youth Centre, our clubrooms and training grounds are equipped for night-time training in both summer and winter.

We have different levels of classes to cater to various training needs:

Level 1 includes Domestic 1 for dogs over 6 months and Puppy Classes for dogs aged 4 to 7 months. Our dedicated volunteer instructors will teach you essential skills, such as loose lead walking, stays, recall, and crucial socialization with other dogs. This comprehensive 8-week course covers all these aspects.

Upon completing Level 1, you can progress to Level 2, which encompasses Domestic 2 and Puppy 2 Classes. Here, we reinforce the skills learned in the first course and further extend each exercise. Completing Level 2 is highly recommended for having a well-behaved and socialized dog.

For those seeking advanced training, we offer Level 3, which includes Further Obedience Training and options for Agility, Flygility, or Rally-O.

Agility Training is a favorite among dogs and involves off-lead training. The beginner course spans 9 weeks, introducing dogs to various agility equipment. Afterward, you can advance to the intermediate level to focus on improving control and speed.

Flyball/flygility is a fun game enjoyed by both handlers and dogs, promoting energetic interactions while learning. Rally-O Obedience combines elements of Agility and Obedience, with three levels of difficulty - Novice, Intermediate, and Advanced.

Many of our members participate in both obedience and agility training to further develop their bond with their canine companions.

The cost of the initial 8-week Domestic 1 and Puppy Class is $80.00. For Agility beginner courses, club members pay $40, while non-members pay $60. After completing Level 1 or beginner agility, you have the option to become a club member and continue training in more advanced classes.

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