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SeniorNet Hibiscus Coast Inc Learning Centre

31 Silverdale Street
Area: Hibiscus Coast
Price Range:Community

SeniorNet Hibiscus Coast means seniors helping seniors. The world of computers provide a variety of interest for the older generations. Communication with family around the world is at your fingertips offering free calling and viewing using Skype. You can also do the same using the WhatsApp app on your Smartphone or FaceTime on an iPhone. Internet browsers offer endless research, answers questions, search out puzzle sites, recipes, how to make a boating knot, container gardening, you name it, it can be delved into via the Internet.

Computers give confidence to older people who enjoy being able to use them for club work like advertising flyers, keeping records and newsletters. Creating books including children's stories, family history, memoirs and so much more are also very popular. Computers are also very much the mode of communication for Government departments so even basic computer knowledge is an asset today.

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Hours of Operation: 9.30 am to 3.00 pm Monday to Friday 9.00 am, late January to early December. A closure a half day once a month for committee meetings.

Address of Learning Centre: 31 Silverdale St, Silverdale 0932. Parking is available in the parking area in front of the house. Roadside angle parking is also available.

There is also a bus stop right outside the address for travel in both directions.

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