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Lu2HBC logo in circle
Lu2HBC logo in circle
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Whangaparaoa Baptist Church

733 Whangaparaoa Rd

WBC is a broad and diverse church community! We aim to ensure there is a place for everyone to belong, whatever your age, background or life situation. 1956 ? 1958 - The beginnings of Whangaparaoa Baptist church were beach services held on Manly Beach during summer Sunday evenings in the 1940s. In 1956 an inaugural meeting was held in Whangaparaoa Rate Payers hall and in 1956-58 services were held every Sunday in that hall. 1957 - In 1957 work started on the first building, which is now our Cafe. 1959 - With the opening of the new church, it adopted its first constitution and was accepted into the Baptist Union of New Zealand in 1959. 1975 - In 1975 today?s auditorium was completed. 2000 - 2000 saw major internal upgrading works required to cope with the ever increasing size of the congregation and its activities. A suite of offices was built over the foyer. These were finished in June 2001 and this is the church you see today. 2008 - 2008 was our Jubilee Year ? 50 years since the opening of our church building. 2013 - In 2013 we purchased a commercial property next to the church.

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