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(Note below are policies first for those candidates who have listed information with us - the rest can be found at - thank you to Policy NZ who have granted permission for us to reproduce the information below)

Housing and planning

Local councils are responsible for land use planning under the Resource Management Act, which affects where and how new houses are constructed, as well as the design of cities and towns. In some areas, councils also provide housing to those who need it most.

John Davies Albany Ward candidate
John Davies
Albany Ward and Hibiscus and Bays Local Board
  • Commit to zero extension of the urban footprint in the green field areas.
  • Encourage intensification of existing suburban areas and conversion of commercial to residential within 1km of existing transport hubs.
  • Commit to prioritising investment in maintenance and upgrades to infrastructure that serves the areas we intensify.
Jake Law Albany Ward candidate
Jake Law
Albany Ward and Hibiscus and Bays Local Board
  • Identify key areas for high density development near public transport and business hubs.
  • Establish a requirement for green spaces to be included in the development of suburbs and higher density communities.
  • Reduce special character areas to allow more development close to the city center.
Wayne Walker Albany Ward
Wayne Walker
Albany Ward
  • Introduce 'inclusionary zoning' to incentivise housing affordability subject to appropriate targeting.
  • Ensure effective resourcing/templating of building consent process to improve turnaround time, reduce bottlenecks.
  • Review with urgency government imposed intensification demands and the adequacy of the 'qualifying matters' provisions.

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