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(Note below are policies first for those candidates who have listed information with us - the rest can be found at - thank you to Policy NZ who have granted permission for us to reproduce the information below)

Jobs and economy

Many councils help support local business and economic development. Some promote tourism in their area, or provide business support services and grants.

John Davies Albany Ward candidate
John Davies
Albany Ward and Hibiscus and Bays Local Board
  • Commit to growing the Business Improvement Districts in town areas that want that support like Silverdale and Whangaparāoa and helping maintain existing ones.
  • Commit to a community centre/hub for Whangaparāoa delivering strengthened capability for the entire community.
  • Support fledgling business groups delivering community amenity in their areas.
Jake Law Albany Ward candidate
Jake Law
Albany Ward and Hibiscus and Bays Local Board
  • Support local and small businesses with vibrant community events.
  • Enhance public transport and pedestrian accessibility to bring more tourism to businesses.
  • Beautify communities with community artwork that inspires and attracts people to key business areas.
Wayne Walker Albany Ward
Wayne Walker
Albany Ward
  • Maximise the use of existing infrastructure, making the most efficient use of what already exists by way of infrastructure provision.
  • Manage council projects to ensure minimal disruption to local businesses/communities at all times.
  • Provide effective pathways to youth employment, develop a strategy for youth centres and incentivise youth-based initiatives in community.

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