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(Note below are policies first for those candidates who have listed information with us - the rest can be found at - thank you to Policy NZ who have granted permission for us to reproduce the information below)

Recreation and culture

From parks and libraries to museums and art galleries, councils can be a key supporter of sporting, recreational and cultural events that bring communities to life. Community facilities, including sports grounds and town halls, are often owned and run by councils.

John Davies Albany Ward candidate
John Davies
Albany Ward and Hibiscus and Bays Local Board
  • Deliver a community centre/hub for the Whangaparāoa Peninsula community.
  • Seek council agreement that running community amenities is not a primary place for cost savings.
  • Initiate more control, as far as a council can, over the number of and location of both liquor and vape sources.
Jake Law Albany Ward candidate
Jake Law
Albany Ward and Hibiscus and Bays Local Board
  • Advocate for Albany to have a dedicated and beautifully designed public library and gallery space.
  • Support community sports groups to facilitate engaging community events and tournaments.
  • More community events and festivals that celebrate our diversity and multicultural strength.
Wayne Walker Albany Ward
Wayne Walker
Albany Ward
  • Develop sector-led strategies across arts, recreation and culture. The user groups develop these strategies for their respective sectors.
  • Include marinas, motorsport, golf and the arts in these strategies, refresh outdated strategies for rugby, tennis, netball, hockey, football.
  • Support and facilitate the grass root sporting codes, the regional sports trusts and subregional boutique stadiums for codes.

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