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(Note below are policies first for those candidates who have listed information with us - the rest can be found at - thank you to Policy NZ who have granted permission for us to reproduce the information below)

Utilities and services

Councils are responsible for a wide range of utilities and services that we all rely on, from rubbish and recycling to street cleaning. Councils are currently also responsible for managing waste water, storm water and drinking water infrastructure – the ‘Three Waters’. But that may be about to change, with central government seeking to shift the delivery of Three Waters services to four new larger entities, which could borrow enough to upgrade the country’s water infrastructure.

John Davies Albany Ward candidate
John Davies
Albany Ward and Hibiscus and Bays Local Board
  • Oppose Three Waters. Watercare is mostly effective and is ours. Take the Three Waters money and create an infrastructure bank.
  • Review performance management of cleaning and maintenance contractors and ensure local boards have maximum control in their regions.
  • Rationalise rubbish and recycling collection policies so they match across the city.
Jake Law Albany Ward candidate
Jake Law
Albany Ward and Hibiscus and Bays Local Board
  • Identify and solve illegal connections in wastewater to keep our waterways and beaches clean.
  • Specify areas for pet walking, and license animals to protect biodiversity and pet responsibility.
  • Enhance street and footpath cleaning mechanisms to get paths, roads, and cycleways safe for use.
Wayne Walker Albany Ward
Wayne Walker
Albany Ward
  • Actively oppose Three Waters reforms. Continue substantial investment in wastewater upgrades and storm water infiltration programmes.
  • Future proof utility upgrades to avoid repeat works at same locations/guidelines for cellphone tower locations.
  • Incentivise home composting and food scraps home processing. Reduce commercial waste significantly through re-use and re-purposing.

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