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Linku2 SMART Plan Clients

We will include a blog post either submitted by any paying client eligible to be in the feature categories as follows –

The blog post will be free of charge, however it must meet the following guidelines –

  • Be of interest and value to the target audience
  • Not contain too much self-promotion of the business submitting (however, you are of course, able to more subtly promote your business!)
  • Not be plagerised for any other source – if plagiarism is discovered the post will be removed
  • Must be prepared to have other client links/ads associated with the post (however, no conflicting business links will be placed)
  • Be a minimum of 800 words and a maximum of 2500 words
  • Contain bullet points or lists and be concise on the topic and SEO ready (for us to get maximum benefit for you)
  • Be confirmed that use by Linku2 for the purposes of the Feature is authorised.

All blog posts will be promoted –

  • Through on-site links
  • Through min 1 post and min 6 shares across our Facebook pages and local groups
  • Through our regular newsletters over the promotion period
  • Will remain on site, linked and searchable after the close of the promotion period
  • Will have a specific advert/promotion from the related business attached to the post

Linku2 are happy to  produce a blog post on your behalf and on a topic of your choice however, you will need to provide –

  • Topic and basic outline of what you’d like to say
  • Once drafted and before publication, you will need to check and confirm any information provided in the post is, in your expertise, correct.
  • There will be a charge of $30 + GST for the production of a post under 1,000 words and $45 + GST for posts between 1,000-2,500 words.

All eligible paying clients relating to each Feature will also automatically be included in promotions for the Feature.

Other local businesses

We will accept blog posts from non-paying clients and will add information, links, acknowledgements and an advert/promotion within the post in any Feature relevant to the businesses services and these businesses will get all the same promotions as above during the promotion period only. Blog posts will be archived after the promotion period and links will be removed.

The cost for publication of a non-SMART Link Plan business post  is $95 + GST for posts up to 1,000 words and $120 + GST for posts 1,000-2,500 words.

If the article is produced by Linku2 under instruction from the non-SMART Plan business the charge would be $150 + GST for blog posts up to 1,000 words and $180 + GST for posts between 1,000-2,500 words

All articles and topics submitted will be accepted at the discretion of Linku2 according to relevance and content.

Each Feature will include a maximum of 7 blog posts.

CLICK HERE for a downloadable pdf version of these guidelines.

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