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Our Latest Stats

See below our latest web and social media stats for the month of January 2024

Web Stats

Website Page Views


Website User Sessions

2.4K regular users
3.2K new users
Each user averaging 3.2 page views each session and an average of 2 users per minute

New users monthly growth graph displaying fluctuations.

Google Search Stats

Website Google Search Impressions


Website Google Search Clicks

Analytics graph showing clicks and impressions data.

Newsletter Stats

4,612 local business and site user contacts who receive monthly newsletters

Social Media Stats

Facebook (2 pages) -

Hibiscus Coast -10,435 Followers @ 31 January; and
Linku2 Hibiscus Coast - 1,877 Followers @ 31 January

Plus we manage groups across HBC and North Shore with over 64,000 Members including -

Orewa/Red Beach/Silverdale (35.4K members)
Stanmore Bay/Manly/Arkles Bay (7.0K members)
Gulf Harbour/Army Bay (2.4K members)
Whangaparaoa (1.8K members)
Takapuna, Milford and nearby NZ (29K members)
North Auckland NZ (4.2K members); and other groups

Social Media Reach

Over 47,350 for January
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