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Each month Linku2 Hibiscus Coast bring you information, articles, links and tips around a range of common topics in our "Features" - we'll lead you to local businesses who can help you find or achieve what it is you are looking for.

We bring you a different Feature each month of the year running from 20th of each month (with a few variations).

Our Annual Features are -

Summer on the Coast - Look Good, Feel Great - The Golden Years - Flavours of the Coast (summer and winter features) - And Then She Said "I do!" - Nappies and Paws - Who You Gonna Call? - Time Out - It's All About the Kids - Home Sweet Home - Help! I Need it Fixed! - Water, Wonderful Water and A Gift from Santa.

We also provide information and links for each school holiday period. We add links to school holiday related businesses on our School Holiday Programmes and Activities page and Things to Do page who advertise in our Linku2 School Holidays popular website.

All local businesses who take one of our SMART Link Plans are included in Features relevant to their services and have opportunities to submit blog articles or suggest topics.

Inclusion in Features are only open to SMART Link Plan advertisers except for the following - Flavours of the Coast and A Gift from Santa which can be taken as stand along promotional options (see our SMART Supplementary Plan opportunities)*.

See Feature dates below and to see our 2024 Features schedule CLICK HERE.


  • Look Good, Feel Great - 26 February to 25 March
  • The Golden Years - 25 March to 22 April
  • And then she said “I do!” - 22 April to 20 May
  • Nappies and Paws - 20 May to 17 June
  • *Flavours of the Coast (Winter) - 3 June to 2 September
  • Who You Gonna Call? - 17 June to 15 July
  • Time Out - 15 July to 12 August
  • It’s All About the Kids - 12 August to 9 September
  • Home Sweet Home - 9 September to 7 October
  • Help! I Need It Fixed! - 7 October to 4 November
  • Water, Wonderful Water - 4 November to 2 December
  • *Flavours of the Coast (Summer) - 2 December to March 2025
  • *A Gift from Santa - 18 November to 23 December
  • Summer on the Coast - 1 December to 31 March
  • Summer School Holidays - 12 December 2023 to 5 February 2024
  • April School Holidays - 18 March to 29 April
  • July School Holidays - 10 June to 22 July
  • October School Holidays  - 2 September to 14 October
  • Summer School Holidays - 18 November to February 2025
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