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People Who Shape Our Community: Gaylene Chambers

August 2, 2021

Linku2 Hibiscus Coast appreciate the contributions given by many by giving their time and/or expertise in helping shape our community into the great place it is.

Our feature this quarter is Gaylene Chambers. Below we hear, in Gaylene's words, who she is, what drives her and what she does here on the Coast which helps shape our community.

Gaylene Chambers, Chambers & Co

"My name is Gaylene Chambers our Business is Chambers & Co - Autism Awareness Apparel and Weighted Therapy Blankets.

I am a 47 year old Mother of two, 16 year old daughter and 14 year old son with Severe Autism and Developmental Delays and married to Richard my wonderful husband of 23 years.

I have 30 years experience in Customer Service, and love to help/guide people, a strong advocate for the Disability Sector and helping those that need support in any way possible.

I believe in community compassion and inclusion for all of those touched with Autism Spectrum Disorder in particular (having a son with this condition) as this is an “invisible disability” which requires a lot of understanding, patience and awareness as well.

At Chambers & Co we have a Distinct Apparel range, that I created which has been designed to raise public awareness of the day-to-day challenges that living with Autism brings. From our Whanau to yours - this includes T Shirts and Sweatshirts as well.

We also have Weighted Therapy Blankets and Lap Pads to help support a variety of conditions including -

  • sleep issues associated with insomnia
  • anxiety/stress conditions
  • ADHD/concentration
  • PTSD - fears, night terrors
  • OCD - difficult to “stop” and rest/settle
  • Restless Leg Syndrome

This Holistic and Natural Form of Therapy is proven to reduce symptoms of just SOME of the above mentioned conditions and more not able to mention them all … absolutely naturally. This business was all created by a dream/vision which then turned into a reality, thanks to my dear Father-in Law whom passed away from Cancer. He said “ If you have a dream, follow it, and do it, as you won’t know till you try - you have NOTHING to lose” SO that’s what we did, along with the help and guidance from my husband, we are a team, and we wanted to make a difference in the world which is what we are doing, we have customers in Australia and America even! ITS FAB!

The most rewarding thing for me is being able to help people from all walks of life, whether they have Additional Learning Needs or having trouble sleeping or dealing with stress, I like to support and guide people where I can, with the knowledge I have learnt with my personal journey with our son with Autism.

Chambers & Co

The most challenging thing I find is there are never enough hours in the day to complete all of my “to do list” when you have your own business you are constantly working 24/7 which is great, but it is very hard to STOP ... I wish I could have a “drone” which would be able to take me places quicker in this crazy traffic for deliveries of my products.

As we develop it is important to remember its all about communication, and sharing our story, and others connecting along the way, and being able to help one another. Its great in the community how people share their testimonials of our products and recommend our small business to others in need, awesome.

My business philosophy is to guide people to make the right choice from a variety of options, for example I suggest people “trial” our Weighted Therapy Blankets before they buy them, so they can see, the results they bring to the individuals daily life.

I am involved with a lot of community projects and I also am involved with the Disability Sector and part of the Expo for Disability Connect held on 8th September. Below are details.

And to finish my advice to people is -

Treat People, like you would like them to treat you, be kind, be yourself, be honest and most of all Keep Smiling.

If you have a tough day, it’s ok ... to recognise this, reflect and learn from it …”it’s ok to not be ok”- us SUPER Mummas and Dads think we have to have it ALL together, but that is just NOT humanly possible, having burn out, is not fun ... but to reach out for HELP is key to getting through life’s Storms.

My saying is (being a Mum of a handicapped son)  NOT to take one DAY at a time … but every MINUTE the best way you can ... and BREATHE – Kia Kaha xx"

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