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People Who Shape Our Community: Julie King

October 1, 2019

Featuring: Julie King, Love Soup

We asked Julie to tell us a little about herself and what is her driver. She told us she is passionate about sharing hope, having the opportunity to help others to master and recognise the greatness each of us hold within. Julie would love to inspire others around the importance of self-love and when we have it in us we can share it with others

Julie is the founder of Love Soup, a Food Rescue Charity that Provides Meals Sundays 5pm at Whangaparaoa Hall. They also collect and deliver food to organisations helping people in need.

When asked about what motivated her to start Love Soup, Julie replied “It was memories from when I was 5 years old, looking through rubbish bins for food, from experiencing life on the streets at 16 and seeing food waste in the hospitality industry at 18 years old. It was these life experiences that helped to lead me onto the pathway I am on today.”

When asked about what she found most rewarding about what she does Julie told us it’s the friendships formed and the happiness from giving service. It’s the sharing hope, seeing the smiles on peoples faces and knowing you are making a difference in people's lives.

There are always frustrations however in any venture and Julie told us for them funding is always a challenge. Being overloaded with responsibility Love Soup have their struggles as the work is long and hard. So much goes on behind the scenes. For herself some of the struggles and frustrations are around just learning to say no and not taking on too much and finding balance and making time to rest when needed

Julie blames the mania for being Bi-polar. She has learned to channel it for a good purpose. Julie describes herself “like the kite flying without the string. If anyone needs to catch up you need to fly or run very fast too! I have learned to become more balanced over the years and I’m getting better to work with!”

When asked what Julie would like to see promoted for Love Soup she advised encouraging more businesses to get involved in Food Rescue, or even donations of goods that can be passed on to help benefit people in need, rather than sending to the dump.

Love Soup deliver to around 25 organisations a week, provide free Sunday weekly community meals catering enough to feed 100. Love Soup welcome anyone to attend, no questions asked, just come along and visit. Julie tells us alot of the meals are provided with food that has been rescued and cooked by an amazing Chef. Love Soup also collaborate with St John Catholic Church Serving Spoons that do a Lunch in Orewa once a month.

At Christmas Love Soup organise a Large Community dinner and last year gave out over 1000 gifts to over 200 guests and 55 parcels to families around the Hibiscus Coast.

Love Soup are based at Whangaparaoa Hall, 717 Whangaparaoa Road. Someone always checks in daily. If you have anything to donate, you can contact Julie and Love Soup via their Love Soup Hibiscus Coast Facebook Page, Website:, Email - or Ph: 022 074 9526

Mentioned in this article is also Serving Spoons. This service also offers free lunches to anyone who would like to join them at St John’s Catholic Church at the church hall, 180 Centreway Road, Orewa, on the last Monday of every month, at 12.30pm.

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