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Tips for Handling the First Day of Preschool

June 10, 2024

The start of preschool is a significant milestone, often met with a blend of excitement, joy, and some inevitable tears and uncertainty from both children and parents! Preschool is designed to ease the transition from family life or a childcare center to school. These programs help develop children's communication, problem-solving, and thinking skills while familiarizing them with school routines and rhythms.

Preparing for the First Day

Talk About Preschool: Discuss with your child the exciting adventure that preschool will be. Speak with their future teacher and principal to gather detailed information about daily activities, bathroom routines, and meal times. This will help you address any questions your child might have, easing their concerns.

Plan a Celebratory Breakfast: Make the morning special with a celebratory breakfast and a small gift, like a new bag or a Starting Preschool Certificate. This can help your child feel important and excited about their new role.

First Day of Preschool Tips

Tip 1: Don’t Rush Through the Morning
A rushed morning is stressful for everyone, especially on the first day. Wake up early enough to enjoy a calm, unhurried breakfast, which helps avoid last-minute tantrums and ensures you arrive on time.

Tip 2: Arrive Early
Arriving early gives your child time to settle in before the crowd arrives. This also provides extra face time with the teacher, offering additional reassurance.

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Tip 3: Bring a Comfort Object
If allowed, let your child bring a favorite stuffed animal or blanket. This can make the new environment feel less intimidating. As they become more comfortable, they can gradually leave the comfort object in their cubby.

Tip 4: Put on a Happy Face
Even if you’re anxious, try to stay positive. Your child will pick up on your mood, so if you seem confident and upbeat, they’re more likely to feel the same way.

Tip 5: Hang Around, But Don’t Hover
Many preschools encourage parents to stay for part of the first few days. If possible, stick around to give your child the courage to explore. Gradually step back as they become more secure, letting the teacher take over.

Tip 6: Keep Goodbyes Short and Sweet
When it’s time to leave, keep your good-byes brief and positive. Smile, give a hug, and let your child know when you’ll be back (“I’ll pick you up after lunch”). Avoid sneaking out, as this can make your child feel insecure.

Remember, it’s normal for kids to have a meltdown when separating. Even if your child is upset, they’ll likely calm down shortly after you leave. If the adjustment takes longer, don’t worry - preschool teachers are experienced in handling these situations. And don’t be surprised if your child is too happy and busy to let you know everything they've been doing when you pick them up!

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