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Want a Girl? Want a Boy? Myths to Influence the Sex of your Baby

May 13, 2024

Some say eat chocolate for a girl or red meat for a boy. But do these myths work? Well if you are keen for a particular sex it can’t hurt to try. If you are reading this and you are already pregnant check our onsite article on myths for finding out the sex.

So if you have a particular preference for your babies sex some say -

It's all in the timing...or the direction

Many people check their daily horoscope for guidance, so it isn’t surprising the same forces can dictate when to make love if you want to pick your baby's sex?

If you want a boy...

  • Have sex at night
  • Make love when there's a quarter moon in the sky
  • Mark your calendar — more boys are conceived on odd days of the month
  • Follow the compass — it is believed pointing the woman's head north while you make love guarantees a boy

If you want a girl...

  • Do the baby dance when the moon is full
  • Make a date for love in the afternoon
  • Enjoy your pleasures on the even days of the month

Keeping your cool

It is believed being relaxed when you conceive means you'll have a girl. If you're a worrier it’s going to be a boy.

But temperature may play a role too. Some say a man's testicles should be cool before you have sex if you want a daughter; for a son, warm them up.

This follows the belief about boxers versus briefs — go for tighty-whities if you want a boy, but hang loose if it’s a girl you are after.

Your child is what you eat

Many believe what you eat before conceiving may affect what sex appears nine months later.

If you want a boy...

  • Eat more meat — the redder the better
  • Stick with salty snacks
  • Dads-to-be: Stock up on fizzy sodas, especially cola drinks

If you want a girl...

  • Both partners should eat lots of fish and vegetables
  • Give in to your chocolate craving, or just eat sweets in general

The joy of sex

How you make love can also be an influence.

If you want a boy...

  • Lie down after sex and stay there for a while. That will give the boy sperm a chance to beat the girl sperm to the egg
  • Focus on his pleasure — if the male partner climaxes first, supposedly you're guaranteed a boy
  • Make love standing up
  • Ladies sleep on the left side of your partner
  • Try the rear-entry position
  • Give in to seduction — if the man is the one to suggest some baby-making, you'll get a boy

If you want a girl...

  • Give the missionary position a go
  • Make love with the woman on top
  • Focus on her pleasure — if the woman orgasms before her partner, this is the sign for a girl
  • Take the lead — if the woman initiates sex, you'll get a girl

And finally ...

Some tales can’t be categorised. For example, some say if the hairline at the base of your last child's neck is a ducktail, your next baby will be a girl. If it's straight across, prepare for a boy.  Or the baby's sex is determined by which partner is dominant in the relationship at the time of conception.

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