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Nappies and Paws - Coasties You're In Good Hands!!

May 17, 2024

When it comes to babies and pets, many people become a gooey, mushy mess, and you will often find the two go hand in hand. A new baby in the household signals a change in home life, and for pet lovers, this can also be the perfect time to introduce a new pet, allowing the baby and pet to grow up together.

Even those who prefer pets over little humans often refer to their pets as "fur babies," lavishing them with as much, if not more, attention than many other humans in their life! This is why Linku2 felt “Nappies and Paws” would be an apt Feature for our local pages on Babies and Kids as well as our Pets and Animal Services!

When expecting a baby, there’s a lot to consider before, during, and after pregnancy. Basics like finding a midwife, maternity wear, nursery furniture, and health services are essential. For optimal health, pre and post-natal exercises and activities are recommended and while you can’t influence your baby’s sex, there are tips and tricks you can give a go for those with a gender preference.

Pregnancy can be stressful and exhausting, so any helpful pregnancy tips and products are always welcome to make things easier.

You might want to capture memories of both your pregnancy and early baby days with family portrait photos, and Photo Carnival are an excellent choice to capture these for you.

Once baby arrives, your focus will shift to amusement tactics including toys and playgrounds and parks for outings and remember we are blessed on the Coast with a host of local beaches! As play things accumulate, tips for organizing toys become invaluable.

Soon, you’ll find a need to consider baby activities like baby and toddler swimming lessons, with great options available at Northern Arena and Stanmore Bay Pool and Leisure Centre. Party ideas and enrolling in preschool or childcare will follow quickly. Fame Preschool offers excellent teacher-to-child ratios and learning/play programmes.

Turning now to your fur babies! If you already have a pet before getting pregnant, it’s important to manage any jealousy and establish a good training program for both your pet and baby. If you’re considering getting a pet after you have a baby, remember it’s more work but can also be very rewarding. The type of pet does matter; for dogs, check out the best dog breeds for families. Ensure you have a good local vet and keep vaccinations up to date. If training a dog seems too much like extra work, cats are great family pets, often enjoying cuddles and being part of the family. Explore some fascinating feline facts!

Knowing your local kennels, catteries, and groomers is important, as well as where to find your local pet shops. For an easier-to-care-for pet, consider a guinea pig, they are great with small children who can be quite boisterous.

Regardless of whether you’re planning to have a baby, already have little ones racing around the house, considering a new pet or already have a home full of fur babies, there are plenty of local options and choices for you to get the best care and services which you can find on our local Babies and Kids and Pets pages. You don’t even need to leave the Coast.

Let’s explore these options together and support our local businesses to Go Local, Grow Local!

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